Monday, June 30, 2008

I was in Robocon Egypt 2008

Welcome Everybody,
the last 3 days, since 26 June in the Local finals of Robocon Egypt 2008 which held in Cairo.
Really, the event was very exited and the chellange was hard too.
the most Exited thing in these three days was working in group, and invest any tiny component in making the way to your goal.

actually I can't continue talking, I'm too tired
need some rest :)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Run RM Files on Linux

a very common music files format is .rm files,
on linux, .rm files need special handling which not provided with 'ubuntu' by default (I don't know about other distros)

I've found 'RealPlayer' Music Player version for linux provided by Helix , and here, I'll guide you to Install it on Your Ubuntu Machine.

Installing RealPlayer :
1. Download (RealPlayer 11) from this page
it will download a .bin file (never mind)
2. After download, from bash, log in as system root (I prefer this way) and run the .bin file.
-> su - (optional but prefered)
> enter toor password
-> cd /home//Desktop
-> ./RealPlayer11GOLD.bin
3. then the installation will begin and ask you about the setup location,
I myself have installed it on /etc/Real , you can change the destination or make like me,

Note, Fedora and openSuse users can download the .rpm file from the same page

Hope I help someone