Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Overloading in PHP

since year ago, I started my way to study and be professional in PHP, since I study php well, and of course I study the OOP features in PHP, but since, I haven't know about the overloading in php, Overloading is the duplication of method name in the class, but both methods should have diffrent type of parameters and diffrent number too, i.e diffrent method signature,
but how this can be implemented with language that doesn't concern with the variable data type (I mean php),
the method overloading was the most important feature I use in Java, but it isn't exist in PHP, (as I was think)

week ago, i've read document about method overloading in OOP as one of the basic features in oop, and during the article, the author say that php has this ability, and he write this link , I've saw this link before, but I wasn't concerned with it, but now, I'm do

Now I can say

I like php more than later,

Ahmed Gaber