Friday, November 20, 2009

Google Announces Google Chrome OS as OSS

Welcome Guys, today I've very good news for you,
Google has invited much of the technology press to an event at its Mountain View, California, headquarters on Thursday morning to demonstrate Chrome OS, which it is developing for netbooks as a new type of operating system. However, those of you who speak code can get started poking around with the operating system at the Chromium project blog, as spotted by the Google Operating System blog.

Google will show off the new OS for the first time on Thursday, and for the first time people can see the the OS, In my thoughts, Google Chrome will be the best ever lightweight Linux based notebooks OS, It is fully optimized for Internet navigation, and with the great variety of Google Applications, you can login to the system with your Google Account email, you can see your Gmail inbox, upload your photos and videos usint the greatest Picasa and YouTube, write documents on Google Docs, even if you a developer, you can access your Google Code Account, and the most exciting issue here, Google Wave, the newest innovation by google.

Most people thought Google Chrome will be commercial App, I myself think it will not, although Google have all the rights to make it so, and this will be perfectly underestandable, But I hope they release it as free opensource application.

I like Google too much, I like the way they though.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Linux Hard Links vs. Symbolic Links

Today I was looking for a solution for some problem in my website,

A solution of the problem was to use upload a folder X, in each subfolder on my server, the content of the X folder is the same in all subfolders, and if the content changed in one subfolder, it should changed in all the subfolders :O , so now, I need to copy this folder in each subfolder and each new created subfolder should contain this X folder too.

Stupid Idea (was mine) was to copy the folder in each subfolder, and the process of concurrent content checking will be done manually, Imagine the situation when you have about 50 folder and each on contain this X folder, BAAAAAAAAAAAAD

another Idea there was to create the X folder in somewhere on the server, and link it in every where you need it on the server with the same name (X), here, you will ensure that any change in the main X folder will be reflected in the links.

I myself find the Idea Excellent, but the Question was, Which type of file linking?
HardLinking or SoftLinking?

I founds SoftLinking (symbolic linking) better as I can refer to any location on the disk from any other location on the disk, not only the same partition.

My Question Here:
Will the symlinks increase the time of accessing the content from the original (X) folder than accessing it from X folder in the first solution?

Still can't find the answer, but still looking for it!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Get Chromium on your ubuntu

Today I've found a way to install Chromium (Google Chrome's core) on ubuntu, from .deb package,

The matter is very simple

First download the .deb using this command:

Then, install it using the dpkg tool:
sudo dpkg -i cxchromium_0.9.0-1_i386.deb

you can follow this link for more about installing Chromium from Ubuntu PPA


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sun must still in the Sky

the bad news -for myself- which announced in the press last months about IBM deal to buy (sun microsystems).

it become worse when I read about another offer to buy sun but this time from Oracle and HP (you can read more here)

you know, I may talk about IBM deal as sun may disappear but it will be merged in another Open Source software sponsor, IBM may look not the OS hero like Sun (which own the big collection of OS popular software, (Java, MySQL, OpenOffice, VirtualBox. NetBeans ... )), but IBM still a sponsor for OS software products.

now let's look at Oracle, and HP. (I can't compare)

last to say here, Sun would Die, But It will still in the SKY!

Guy like to work for Sun!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Overloading in PHP

since year ago, I started my way to study and be professional in PHP, since I study php well, and of course I study the OOP features in PHP, but since, I haven't know about the overloading in php, Overloading is the duplication of method name in the class, but both methods should have diffrent type of parameters and diffrent number too, i.e diffrent method signature,
but how this can be implemented with language that doesn't concern with the variable data type (I mean php),
the method overloading was the most important feature I use in Java, but it isn't exist in PHP, (as I was think)

week ago, i've read document about method overloading in OOP as one of the basic features in oop, and during the article, the author say that php has this ability, and he write this link , I've saw this link before, but I wasn't concerned with it, but now, I'm do

Now I can say

I like php more than later,

Ahmed Gaber

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Get the grub of your ubuntu machine

lot of my fresh to linux friends asks about how to get the grub (boot loader information) of your machine, this grub will help you to restore your ubuntu system, after installing another OS on it beside your ubuntu.

to get the grub, you need to lig on your system as root,
su root
then enter the password,
now, this is the Xfactor:
dd if=[source] of=[destination] count=1
the command dd, which copy the content of if and put it in of location,
count means how many block copied from the source to destination
now, if you want to get the grub of your machine, you'll enter this command
dd if=/dev/sda of=/home/aigdonia/grub.bin count=1

this will read the first block form /dev/sda (you need to change it according to your system) and paste it in /home/aigdonia/grub.bin (change to wherever you like to paste)

now, you've a file called grub.bin on /home/aigdonia holds the first block of your hard disk, you can now install Windows or whatever OS you like then you'll restore the grub again by doing the following simple steps:

from your ubuntu live CD, write the following in the shell window:
sudo dd if=[grub.bin] of=[/dev/sda] count=1

this will do the reverse operation, and then you can leave the live session and log normally to your ubuntu :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I was in Cairo ICT 2009

Yesterday (11 Feb) I was in Cairo ICT 2009, this is a forum and technology conference take over in Cairo/Egypt
Cairo ICT collects Technology Makers in all the world and bring them in one place to share the Technology and knowledge too,

I was there to attend conference by SUN Microsystems talks about NetBeans IDE as innovated Application to easily develop Java Applications, including Java2 SE, Java2 EE, and Java2 ME
in addition to applications profiling, and JavaFX

I like the event so much, and sun give me nice small stress ball with sun Logo on it,

I'll provide more details about the event later with pictures.

Ahmed Gaber

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I've passed in the first Term Exams with V.good

today I've passed in the first term Exams in my college, I'm very happy especially that I've passed with Grade V.Good

I like to thank all those pray for me and I'll do my best to improve this grade in the Second Term.

and I'll celebrate today.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Very Nice PHP article on Dzone

Welcome Readers,
I've found this nice article about how to create XML documents with PHP, this way is very new at least for me, I was use traditional way but I think this one it better.

Enjoy the article here :

Friday, January 23, 2009

Geertjan's Notes about our meeting!

I know that it is too late to send this post, but I was very busy in my term exams,
Here is geertjan's notes about my Graduation Project Meeting which was last 7th january in Alex

the meeting was very very useful for me on both personal and work levels,
and you can read complete post about Gj's visit on His Blog

and here is Geertjan's notes:

NetBeans Platform Project at Suez Canal University. I met Ahmed Gaber and another student from Suez Canal University (cool name for a university) in Ismailia, who are in a team of 10 students creating a visual database generator on the NetBeans Platform. Read about it here. Potentially, they could end up working on their project in tandem with the database engineers on the NetBeans team, but that is still under discussion. (Ahmed also created a new Shisha plugin for NetBeans IDE, which I will blog about separately, soon.) By the way, those two students traveled 5 hours to visit me in Alex ...

Notes ended, waiting your comments
Ahmed Gaber

Friday, January 16, 2009

My Site New Look

Welcome every body, I like to announce the new look of my Site,
I hope you visit it and wait feedback

Please send any comments on the site so I can modify it,

Saturday, January 10, 2009

My First NetBeans Module, Forwarded to Geertjan

This is my First NetBeans IDE Module, and I like to foreward it to Mr Geertjan, the technical Writer in NetBeans IDE,

I like to say that I was very proud and feel very happy when I was with him and last thing I like to say "Thanks Geertjan for the meeting and Like to see you soon here in Egypt,"

You can download and test the module on Your NetBeans IDE :
Link :

Soon I'll write about my Meeting with Geertjan,
Wait this post soon

Ahmed Gaber

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy new year my friends,
happy new year Fouad, Osman, Karim Majid, Mohsen, Asmr, Heshmt, 5amis, Samman, Samir, and every body I know in my college,

happy new year for every body I've met during my life.
my family, Father, Mother, and my brother, my Cousins, Hamada, Amr and Anas,

Happy New Year My Blog Readers.
and Happy New Year myself

Ahmed Gaber