Sunday, October 7, 2007

6 October : National Festival

Welcome every body,
today is 7 october and the clock 5:20 AM

I write this article today because of the Great festival of October 6th , 1973
Kibur day, and I'm writing in english so that lot of people know about what is this day

let's see very fast historical overview,
in 5 june 1967 Israili army attack the north-east board of egypt and occupied the region of sinai and kills the egyptian army soliders who were with out weapons to defend themselves.
but the egyptian leadirty was very strong to defend the attack and begin in long range war called "Estenzaf" war

egyptian marines forces start the war by attacking Elat detroier and explode it while it was in its way toward PortSaid and the war begins

but Nasser died in 1971 and although the war still until Sadat decide to do the Great attack and the Day come

6 October 1973, when the egyptian soliders go over Suez Canal toward Sinai and fights as Heros
1000s of heros were there get back the Land and draw the Real Meaning of being a hero

let me write it in Arabic:
رحم الله شهداء النصر
و اعز الاحياء منهم

it was just meorial article because of the Festival

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