Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Last days, I just Start try to work on Internet,
the way i choose is freelance, this simply mean that I look for work over Internet, making profit and recieve this profit, the MOST simplest way to accept this payment is PayPal, this site provide very useful tools for eCommerce solutions,

and i register on PayPal, but I've chocked when I know that Egypt, (my Place) doesn't supported by PayPal, I rally chocked and try to fin the alternatives, but no way, I just found this Link.

set of people make people in paypal note that Egypt not listed in this Site,
I've to ask every on Read this Post to enter the site and add his/her signature and I he/she have an article or something to publish this Post so we need the 1000 signature!

please don't leave without at least add the signature!