Saturday, November 29, 2008

Get RCP book samples, for NetBeans platform

Welcome every body,
Two days ago, I was looking for Rich Client Book's samples, actually I've to find it easily on NetBeans 6.0 Update Center, but I use NetBeans 6.5.

Now I need to Get RCB samples on NetBeans 6.5
I've the solution and here is it:
First: you've to add NetBeans 6.0 update catalog to your NetBeans Plugins Sources
1. From Tools | Plugins | "Settings" Tab
2. Click Add to Add new catalog
3. set name of the new provider
and set the URL to :

press OK and checking will be done automatically,

Second , you need to set up the Module,
to do change to the "Plugins" Tab,
look for "RCP Book Samples" , check it and then press Install

now you can open the sample from File | New Project | Samples > NetBeans Modules
then the sample you like to open.

Enjoy the Book with the Samples.
Ahmed Gaber

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