Friday, November 26, 2010

Era of cloud systems

Few years ago, we was reading about the Google OS 2010, and how this system 'll be different, people thought it will be whole new thing from Google, the concept of clouds and cloud computing wasn't as known as today,
All what we know about the new system was no more hardware feature needed, all your needs is a computer with internet connection, and you'll find all your needed application for your daily activities on the web, you'll write documents online, watching videos, music, do your daily work online, every thing you do on the web.

We were looking for this new generation of operating systems but we didn't the clear idea how it may look like.

Since the raise of cloud computing concept in commercial aspects, people started to imagine how new OSs may look like, it will be OS for new computing structure, so it will be new generation of systems, where your computer will be a connection node with minimal processing activities to connect you with the cloud, where the rest of processing will be there, where your documents, videos, music, contacts, etc..
The new system will depend on on this whole new innovated concept which called "Cloud Computing".

In November 2009, Google announces the first appear of their cloud OS, they announce it as OSS and have open it for developers around world to add their imagination to the new system, the first impression was amazing, and people were satisfied with with the system features since its alpha release as good start for the new generation of operating systems. People like it, but by the time the needs increased, developers started developing applications that works with these operating systems, in the beginning it was normal web2.0 application, but it become to change to fit the new systems. applications developed with HTML5 and Web 2.0 technologies.

Google Chrome OS

But Google wasn't the only one to produce these systems, much more ideas to produce operating systems that works with the Cloud.

Tarik Kareem founder of Netvibes and Jolicloud was another guy on the stage, His linux based system was born in 2008. developed on the same aspect to work with the cloud framework, tarik was another one in the cloud systems battle.

Few days ago, Tarik founder of Jolicloud and Vye announces Jolibook, , the netbook of Jolicloud system, with Intel Atom 1.5 GHz processor, 1GB DDR3 RAM and 250Gb Hard drive. the same idea was applied by google upon the appearance of their system, and for sure Google improved their OS hardware support to be able to access more and more platforms.

Cloud system is the next generation of personal operating systems, it simply make the metter diffrent with web and simplfy your daily communication over the cloud.

I believe in these solutions to improve the performance of mankind on the web, it opens handreds and hundreds of innovation doors to implement new applications that make our life easier and better, it also improves the capabilities of the cloud, and make continous improvements in it, and force fast grow of new web technologies HTML5, Ajax, CSS etc.., to add more flexibility to make web Apps act like the classic computer Apps

Cloud systems are awesome however the disadvantages, ,I like it and I believe in it as the future systems of the future framework