Monday, August 13, 2007

Imagine Cup 2008 : The Chellange Begins

Hi All:
I'm Ahmed Gaber and this is my first Blog on this Blogger and in all my life :-)
in this blog I'll talk about the (Imagine Cup©) Microsoft Student's Primeire Comptitetion
Imagine Cup:
It is the Comptitetion by Microsoft for students to compete under 9 comptetition scales students and their Innovation , Creativity and Imagination to develop software, website and test their personal skills in Computer related sciences (IT , Algorithm and Project Hoshimi)
in addation to 3 contests related with digital arts

Feel the Chellange:
with More than 100,000 Registerd member in the Imagine Cup all them want the Cup
feel the sense of chellange with them

know new friends and get steppimg to the final round to win a trip to Paris (WOW!) to compete there the finals

Hey Guys
Goto the Site and Regisrer Now!

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