Saturday, September 15, 2007

Imagine Cup 2008 : Algorithm Competetion


In this month the chellange will just start in Imagine Cup 2008
the Algorithm competetion will begin this month round 1 will end on 1 Feb. and the table time will be:-
Complete online programming challenge (Herbert
09/27 - 10/10 : Warmup Match
10/25 - 11/07 : Match 1
11/22 - 12/05 : Match 2
12/20 - 01/02 : Match 3
01/17 - 01/30 : Match 4

the match will begin at 00:00 GMT <1st>
and ends at 23:59:59 GMT
for example:
Warmup Match will begin on 09/29 at 00:00 GMT and end on 10/10 at 23:59:59 GMT

the competetion will be on Herbert and to The discovery and use of the right algorithms, and clever implementations and application, are building blocks upon which the whole field takes collective steps forward. It is through this remarkable skill that we can attempt unimaginable feats like decoding the human genome, routing millions of packets across networks, and even searching the entire Internet. The Algorithm Invitational takes competitors through a series of brain teasers, coding challenges, and algorithmic puzzles, and seeks to engage the sharpest student minds in technology around interesting problems.

be on touch to know about the Competetion.

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