Thursday, September 27, 2007

Warmup Match Tips : From the Official Site

Welcome Back, this article contain the Judging Tips with Algorithm Competetion in IC 2008
This copied from the Competetion Official web site:
You can read more on the following Link:

Points be the points assigned for solving the level (based on
difficulty)TotalButtons be the number of white buttons on the level Buttons be
the number of white buttons you have pressed MaxBytes be the maximum number of
bytes for the level Bytes be the number of bytes actually used
Buttons = TotalButtons and Bytes <= MaxBytes, you have solved the level. Your score will be (Points*MaxBytes)/Bytes. If Buttons <> MaxBytes, you have not solved the level. Your score will be
Buttons*PointsPerButton, where PointsPerButton is determined as follows:
Bytes <= MaxBytes, PointsPerButton = (Points/(2*TotalButtons)). This is an integer divide and the result may be zero. If MaxBytes < pointsperbutton =" (Points*(2*MaxBytes" pointsperbutton =" 0">

the judgin process looks like fair, gonna for partcepating, Be on touch

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vikrant said...

hey ahmed

I am Vikrant from India participating in this for the second time...and i am always in the border...can you give me any tips in solving herbert..i am as of now in the 39th(1-10-2007) position in warmup challenge but i need a lot of help...i have to come up with more methods..that is the only way i can make it in the first round...


Ahmed Gaber said...

Hello Vikrant,
I think only one way you can get your help from.
It's your Mind ;)

Just ask it and try to improve your skills because Imagine Cup not so easy,

I'll not continue in the warmup match I preparing my self to the next Match

keep do your rule
See You In France