Sunday, September 16, 2007

IC 2008: Herbet Robot in Algorithm Competetion

welcome all:

we will talk closer about the Algorithm Competetion in Imagine Cup 2008

It will be a series begin with this article untill the begining of Matchs on 15/10/2007

Let's begin,

Algorithm Invitational contest is in the form of a game called "Herbert". Herbert requires you to solve a series of levels by writing small programs in specified language to control a robot. The simpler and more elegant your solution, the more points you get.

before begin you may able to download Herbert Program for this tutorial from HERE

after downloading the program start it and login with the email account and password you have have set it in the signup process on Link

each match consist of set of levels on each level you have white buttons that must be pressed (Robot Walk Over it) to pass the level.

after logging on the program the Interface will looks like this
To press the buttons, you have at your disposal a programmable robot named Herbert. You must program Herbert, in a language called “h”, to press all the white buttons while avoiding obstacles such as walls and gray buttons (walls block Herbert's path and gray buttons will reset any previously pressed white buttons to their unpressed state). You are only allotted a certain number of "bytes" (a unit of program size) per level, your program must use no more than this number of bytes
On each level, points are awarded for each white button pressed, a bonus is awarded for solving the level, and extra points are awarded for those solutions that use less than the allotted maximum number of bytes.
Soo What next...
the next is what you should know to compete in Algorithm Competetion
The 'h' Language
'h' Language is the way you will contact Herbert and order him
“h” contains elements of traditional high-level languages: statements, procedures, parameters, arguments, and recursion. However, “h” is syntactically more simple, and contains some concepts (procedural arguments) that are not found in traditional languages.
we will talk about 'h' Language in the next article

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