Saturday, March 8, 2008

Ahmed Gaber in ImagineCup 2008 Round 2

I can't believe that, But Its true,
Ahmed Gaber has been Qualified to Round 2 in Imagine Cup 2008 Under Project Hoshimi
the event was useful, It renew the positive feel,
now i should Prepare my self for Round 2,
Let's talk Technically

Project Hoshimi Round 2 Will be harder than the first one,
in the round, Teams should prepare the strategy to achieve Round 2 Objectives as it in SDK,
then by the middle of May the PH's captain will make Comparisons between the strategy and Observe the 6 Teams that will be Qualified to Round 3 in france.

So, What's hard
the Hard Point here is you must play not only to achieve this hi score, but also to fight the Other team on the Tissue,

thats all for the moment,
If you look for more Information about the Imagine Cup or project Hoshimi
Imagine Cup :
Project Hoshimi :

and this My Page Team :
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