Monday, March 17, 2008

The magic of OpenSource

It's really Magic when you work with this great world,
The open source world, The World of Innovation, free, great and useful software,
Open Source doesn't mean only to view the source code of software,
it include:
free distributing of the program,
Ya, you should distribute you program without money,
the source code should be included in the software
This mean that you need to attach the source code with your compiled code,
Derived work is Guaranteed
this simply mean that your license should allow others to improve your work as well as derive from your work

and alot of other points that ensure the non-profit concept of your work,

these point and more make the flavor of innovation in our work under the OSI (Open Source Intiative)

In next Posts we will talk more about Open Source most popular software like, gimp, aMule, linux, MySQL, openJDK, and will also talk about the Software forge of all these programs

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