Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Spirit of OpenSource

one year or less ago since I begin using Linux as my primary operating system.

a year passed and I've learn lot of linux tricks, know lot of friends from linux and make money too,

one year of the Open source spirit and the world of freedom.

during this year, I use most common Open Source software and technologies, I also learn how to look for solutions of my problems, know how to live free and open (Source) :D

One Year Passed ... and I've changed

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Heshmat said...

ايه يا باشا الجمال ده
للدرجه دى اللينكس جميل
ربنا يزيدك يا مان خبره فى اللينكس
علشان تفيدنا بردو
و برافو على المدونه