Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mono2.0, .NET outside Windows

Although I like .NET technology too much and like work by it, I hate the system Called 'Windows', and this for several reasons no place to list them here!

and as I'm a ubuntu user, I've spend days looking for a way to work with C# on my lovely Linux System, and finally I've found an alternative way to work with C# and .NET other language outside Windows Cage :D

the Happy news is that mono provide these languages:
  • C# 3.0 (including LINQ),
  • VB 8,
  • Java,
  • Python,
  • Ruby (,
  • Eiffel (,
  • Oxygene (,
  • F# (,the new member in microsoft languages family
also you will find MonoDeveloper IDE for developing C# and ASP.NET solutions.
last 6/10 the new release Mono2.0 with the previous features which I think will be the best alternative for developing .NET Applications outside Windows Cage.

See You Soon

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