Tuesday, October 21, 2008

NetBeans turns 10 Years!


Yesterday, netbeans turns 10 years old, the famoust ever Java IDE celebrate the event in many activities.
You can review these events on : http://www.netbeans.org/birthday/index.html.

me too celebrate with them with this blog post. :)

Me and NetBeans!
I've used netbeans for more than two years basically as a Java IDE, but beginning from version 6.0 I've discover the C++ IDE and use it internally in my college. for this time I've learn alot about netbeans and about Java which was my working language.

since version 6.1 I've work the PHP editor and HTML, CSS and javascript editor included in it!
It was fantistic time I've spent with this editor, I've like them for the grade I've download the 6.5beta version to test it and test the new features.

I like this experience although it was the first time I work on and review a software release.

NetBeans will help me in Graduation.
Another Story with NetBeans but this time with the API,
this Year is my last year in my college and I should work on Graduation Project which will be a "data base visual design tool", I've choose the NetBeans Application Platform with the visualization tool in making my Graduation project, and I'm sure that the results will be Fantistic.

if you interest in this application you can finad more details on the Project official site

and Finally I want to congratulate NetBeans team and
'Happy 10th Birthday NetBeans"

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