Saturday, November 29, 2008

Get RCP book samples, for NetBeans platform

Welcome every body,
Two days ago, I was looking for Rich Client Book's samples, actually I've to find it easily on NetBeans 6.0 Update Center, but I use NetBeans 6.5.

Now I need to Get RCB samples on NetBeans 6.5
I've the solution and here is it:
First: you've to add NetBeans 6.0 update catalog to your NetBeans Plugins Sources
1. From Tools | Plugins | "Settings" Tab
2. Click Add to Add new catalog
3. set name of the new provider
and set the URL to :

press OK and checking will be done automatically,

Second , you need to set up the Module,
to do change to the "Plugins" Tab,
look for "RCP Book Samples" , check it and then press Install

now you can open the sample from File | New Project | Samples > NetBeans Modules
then the sample you like to open.

Enjoy the Book with the Samples.
Ahmed Gaber

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yess! NetBeans 6.5 Officially Released

And finally, NetBeans 6.5 has been officially released, as some people know, NetBeans will provide support for PHP and Ajax which act as my Life core,

this plus the standard features you like

C/C++ | Databases | Debugger | Desktop | Editor | Groovy | GUI Builder | Java EE | JavaFX | Java ME | Java SE | JavaScript | Mobile | Profiler | Python | Refactor | REST | Rich Client Platform | Ruby | SOA | SOAP | UML | Web | WSDL | XML

You can find the complete screencasts Introduction on NetBeans Official Web Site

The good news for me here that I'll build my Graduation Project with 6.5 rather than 6.1, and this is for special reasons :D

Last to say Here,
"NetBeans is the only IDE you need"

Ahmed Gaber